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You only pay for the kilometers you drive

It's a simple concept that has revolutionised how South Africans view car insurance.
Driving on our roads can be risky, thanks to Pay As You Drive car insurance you can protect your valuable assets. But why should you pay for peace of mind if your vehicle is not in harm’s way? With our renowned Pay As You Drive motor insurance plan, you only pay for car insurance when your vehicle is at risk.

Car insurance should not be a grudge purchase, so we have given you back control of how much you pay for your cover. Regardless of your risk profile, if you spend less time on the road, you reduce the likelihood of car insurance claims. Get cover with our Pay As You Drive vehicle insurance and pay less, because you drive less.

Just because you pay less, it doesn’t mean you should get less. We give you the same quality insurance at a price that simply better matches your travel routine.

Get Comprehensive Motor Insurance

You qualify for the Pay As You Drive plan if you:

  • Have a valid driver’s licence older than one year
  • Travel 1500 kilometres a month or less
  • Are 25 years or older

If you qualify, start saving on your vehicle insurance with Pay As You Drive. Let us call you for an affordable quote from Pay As You Drive.

How it works

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how Pay As You Drive

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Update your policy

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How to claim

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How Pay As You Drive works

  • Insurance premiums are based on how much you drive each month
  • You pay less if you drive less
  • Choose from a variety of DrivePlans to match your monthly driving distance




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